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Have You Ever Tried Drinking Water With A Fork?

Well that is what it can feel like to try and get rid of lice by yourself using old fashioned methods and over the counter products. Imagine that you just found lice on one of your children. If you have other children there is a good chance that they have it also. In the midst of this chaos you now have to choose what to do next. Your decision can be the difference between a quick and painless return to normal life or a seemingly never ending angst ridden effort with very poor results.

Over the counter products are expensive, messy and often contain harmful chemicals. You will have to try and administer the product yourself while never knowing if you are accomplishing your goal. You are not really sure what to look for nor would you really know for sure that your child is lice free.

We founded HeadLice911 because many well intention-ed parents struggled through this stressful and never ending scenario over and over again. There is a much better way and it always ends up with the results you want. While having lice will certainly never be a pleasant memory, we thrive in providing the help and compassion that you need. We make it painless, stress free and even try to mix in some fun. We provide guaranteed lice removal services but we are really providing is the stress relief and peace of mind that comes with knowing that a major nuisance in your life has been removed and things can get back to normal.

Simply come to our friendly and comfortable treatment center and sit back and watch your worries go away. In additional to making the treatment fun for your child, we also strive to provide a a relaxed atmosphere where you can hop onto our free wifi to get some work done or have you other children play in our kid friendly area. We even have a chalk wall that they can color away on. So why worry and cause yourself a lot of stress when the answer is a phone call away.

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In-Home Head Lice Removal Service Available in West Chester PA and Greater Chester County PA area with convenient Lice Treatment Centers in St Petersburg FL, Crofton MD, and Bethesda MD.


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