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Head Lice Removal Center – Crofton MD
Serving the Greater Anne Arundel County Area

Headlice911 offers a convenient Family Head Lice Removeal Center in Crofton, MD, serving the greater Anne Arundel County area.  You’ll have confidence that an effective remedy for this problem is close at hand. We have established a reputation for being the place to go to have head lice treated. We regularly help schools and school districts in Anne Arundel County and the surrounding counties in Maryland with this problem.

When you find out your child has an infestation of these parasitic insects that feed off the blood under their scalp, you just want to know there’s a remedy that works and that’s affordable. At Head Lice 911, we are so confident in our lice treatment process that we back our work with our 100 percent guarantee. Don’t mess around with products or remedies that offer dubious claims and will only result in wasting your money when we are a professional solution that’s conveniently available to your family.

Headlice911 Crofton Family Lice Treatment Center

Head Lice Removal Center – Bethesda MD
Serving the Greater Montgomery County Area

Our process is what makes our lice treatment the most effective one in Bethesda Maryland. We start with a head check to verify that lice are the problem. We then apply our enzyme product that breaks down the exoskeleton of these annoying, parasitic insects. Our friendly and compassionate staff then conduct a thorough comb-out on your infested loved ones using a comb specially made for Head Lice 911. We then apply our mint solution to the hair, which serves to suffocate any lice that might possibly remain.

Our process is so effective that we have dozens of 5-star reviews on Google Reviews and Yelp. Ridding your family of this pesky problem starts with contacting us to make an appointment. You’ll find a warm and welcoming environment when you arrive at our kid-friendly salon where a TV, free Wi-Fi, and a chalk wall for your kids to draw on will occupy your family’s time during any short wait before we quickly and affordably eliminate the scourge of lice from your lives.

Headlice911 Bethesda Family Lice Treatment Center

Head Lice Removal In-Home Service – Chester County, PA
Serving the Greater Chester County PA area

While head lice are not dangerous, they are still a nuisance and one that your loved ones shouldn’t have to suffer through. At head Lice 911, our lice treatment centers offer a fast, effective and affordable lice removal process in a clean and kid-friendly environment. Just read the many 5-star reviews we’ve received on Yelp and Google Reviews to get an idea of how satisfied our customers have been.

The secret is in our professional process that we’ve honed to perfection over the years. We do a head check on any loved ones you suspect of having lice as a first step in order to verify that this is the problem. If we find them, we then employ a combination of physical removal of the lice with a specialized lice comb and the application of 100 percent safe and all-natural products that are so effective that we guarantee our lice removal process.

Headlice911 Chester County PA In-Home Service

100% Guaranteed Lice Treatment and Lice Removal Services

In-Home Head Lice Removal Service Available in West Chester PA and Greater Chester County PA area with convenient Lice Treatment Centers in St Petersburg FL, Crofton MD, and Bethesda MD.


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