Lice Free For Back To School

While at school, your children will be in contact with many others, and this is one of the biggest times of the year that head lice can spread. These wingless, parasitic insects that feed off the blood under your scalp will also undoubtedly be heading back to school on the heads of at least a few unsuspecting kids at your child’s school. They may have caught them at summer camp or elsewhere, but school is a ripe environment for them to spread.

How Do Lice Spread?

Kids making direct contact between their hair is the most common way for them to spread. This can happen when they come close together for that selfie, during a huddle in after-school games or just while playing in general. It’s also possible for your children to pick them up by wearing a hat, scarf, helmet or other item worn on or near the head that belongs to an infested child.

How to Prevent Lice

Given the above information about how lice spread, the best general advice to prevent lice would be to tell your kids to avoid or minimize any opportunities for direct hair or head contact with others and to avoid sharing headgear. This would include having kids with longer hair tie it up or back and not getting so close during those selfies or huddles. One part of heading back to school, however, is making new friends, and you may not want to make your child too worried about contact with other kids.

Head lice are a nuisance but not a danger. So, as a parent, you’ll have to decide if just letting them be kids is more important than worrying about the possibility that they might catch lice. One bit of good news is that there is a fast, affordable and effective option for head lice removal in the event that your child going back to school picks up some unwanted friends on their scalp.

The Best Lice Treatment Option

Some parents feel embarrassed when they hear their child has lice, but this reaction is completely unnecessary. Getting lice has nothing to do with the cleanliness, environment or parenting of the infested person. That said, they’re still a nuisance that you’ll want to get rid of should any attempts to prevent them not pan out.

The most effective method to deal with this problem is by finding a professional lice clinic that has experience at getting families lice free. Head Lice 911 offers head lice removal that’s fast, affordable, completely safe and guaranteed to be effective. We use all-natural products that have no toxins unlike many of the over-the-counter products you may find on store shelves. Best of all, our treatment process gets your loved ones lice free in a single visit, so if you suspect a child of yours has lice, please contact your nearest Head Lice 911 today.

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