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Your Visit

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Mobile In-Home Head Lice Removal Service Available in West Chester, PA area.

100% Guaranteed Lice Treatment at our Lice Removal & Treatment Centers in MD, DC, VA & FL.

What Should I Expect At My Visit?

  • One of our friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable technicians will greet you.
  • If you haven’t previously visited us, you will be asked to fill out our confidential client information form.
  • Once the forms are completed, a technician will bring you and your family to our treatment room. Children can watch TV. Siblings can play in our play area. Snacks and beverages are available.
  • The process for each person being treated should take about 1 hour, although for boys it could take less time. The process could be longer depending on length and thickness of hair, and amount of infestation.
  • A technician will check to see if any other family member has lice. Only if lice or nits are found is treatment recommended.
  • Even a person with very short hair should be checked. If lice or nits are found on other family members, we will treat immediately.
  • Free Wifi and plenty of activities for the children to keep them entertained.

What Do I Do After My Appointment?

  • Adhere to any recommended follow up treatment
  • Enjoy your lice free life.

Why Do You Recommend Using A Mint Spray?

Mint is an offensive odor to lice, making the hair a less desirable environment. Our mint spray is also great for your hair and is a terrific detangler.

What is The Difference Between Head, Pubic or Body Lice, and Bedbugs?

These are all types of lice.

  • Head Lice: Head lice live only on the head; including, eyebrows, beard, or eyelashes. They do not travel to other parts of the body.
  • Body Lice: The body louse looks similar to the head louse, but is slightly larger. It lives in clothing (commonly in the seamed areas) and then transfers to the human host to feed. While the life cycle of the head louse and the body louse are similar in character and duration, an important difference is the ability of the body louse to survive for up to 30 days away from its human host. Body-lice infestation is a prominent public-health problem in communities with large populations dealing with poverty, overcrowding, and poor personal hygiene. Reused mattresses and bed linens, as well as communal beds, are risk factors.
  • Pubic Lice: The pubic louse (“crab louse”) is somewhat rounded with three pairs of legs on either side of the body and it looks like a crab. The female lifespan is three weeks, and she produces fewer eggs per day (three) than her counterparts. The eggs attach to the base of the pubic hair shaft for approximately six to eight days before hatching.
  • Bedbugs: Bedbugs hide among sheets, blankets, and in furniture and really do bite during the night when they seek a warm body for a meal. They usually leave brown or black markings on the bed linens and bite in rows, often leaving three or more linear bite marks.

Why Do You Like the Terminator Comb?

The Terminator’s micro-grooved design in a spiral form and the length and width of its prongs makes combing easier to grab the lice and nits! The end result of combing with the Terminator is less time than manually picking and a greater success rate upon completion.

Preventative Maintenance

School is a breeding ground for Lice and Nits. To protect your loved ones from harsh pesticide solutions we’ve listed the easiest preventive steps to be LICE FREE.

1. Detect and remove head lice infestations early!

2. Learn how to accurately identify Lice and Nits

3. Screen his/her hair regularly with a lice and nit comb.

4. Avoid risky chemical treatments and pesticides.  

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